Save BIG on disposable swim diapers

It might be the middle of winter, but it’s never too early to start thinking about swim lessons, pool parties and summer! With that in mind, are you the parent of an infant or toddler? I am about to blow your exhausted mind:

Swim diapers are reusable.


Although Pampers and Huggies would rather you continue to use them once, rip them off, and throw them away, at ~$10 for 18, the cost of swim diapers really starts to mount, especially when your kid is swimming a lot.

You that you don’t have to cash in your 401k to buy a summer’s worth of swim diapers. You can probably make it through with just a pack or two.


As long as they’re clean (i.e. no poop), take the swim diaper off without ripping the sides. Slide it off, like a pull-up diaper. This may take a bit of patience and finesse because it will be wet and your child will probably be squirming, but it’s not that hard, and trust me, it’s worth it.

Flip the diaper inside out and hang it somewhere to air dry, for at least 24 hours. Hang it right next to the wet swimsuits you’re hanging. You’ll notice the absorbent area of the swim diaper will begin shrinking back down to original size. Once the diaper is completely dry, flip it back right-side out and reuse. Repeat. As long as the diaper stays clean and intact, you can use it indefinitely!

Why does this work? And more importantly, why isn’t it gross? Because swim diapers are designed to capture and contain poop, but they allow urine to pass right through. (Kind of makes you think twice about your time spent in that baby pool, right?) So they’re okay to dry out and use again and again. They’re no more gross than the bathing suits you wore in the pool.

The swim diaper pictured below was reused four or five times. As you can see, it’s a little raggedy-looking, but still completely functional.


Reusing swim diapers isn’t just cost-effective, it’s also better for the environment by reducing the number of swim diapers you send to the landfill. And in my experience, there was no decline in function from the first use to the fifth. As long as there are no rips or tears, and as long as the waistband still fits snugly, you’re good to go.

As an added bonus, Amazon has deals on big packs of swim diapers right now: Huggies ($17.98 for double pack, and 40% off your first subscribe and save order) and Pampers ($17.98 for two packs, and $1.50 off first subscribe and save). Go get ’em!

One important note: Let the swim diaper dry completely. If you pack it or put it away damp, it is likely to grow mildew or mold, and you definitely don’t want your kid’s tender parts sitting in a diaper that’s growing anything.

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