Save $50+ on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for kids subscription

In 2019, Santa brought my boys new Amazon Kindle Fire kids’ edition tablets. They each came with a free one-year subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, which gives them access to all the apps, games, videos, books, etc. that Amazon has to offer. After the free year the subscription renews at a rate of $2.99/month, per kid. If you have up to four kids, they offer a family rate of $6.99/month.

Honestly, that’s not a bad deal, considering what I could be spending on the kids’ downloading apps, watching shows and movies, downloading books and magazines.

So when I logged in to my account to check out the renewal options, I jumped at the chance to save 70% on a one-year family subscription, for $19.99 (regularly $83.88). That’s a savings of $63.89! With two kids, I would have spent $71.76 on 12 months at $5.98, so at the very least I saved $51.77.

To take advantage of this deal, click here then tap the “Save 70% on one year” banner at the top of the page.

In related news, FreeTime Unlimited is getting a new name: Amazon Kids+. Amazon plans to roll out the change over the next few months, although parents (and kids) don’t have to worry about a thing with the change. You don’t need to do anything, and you’ll still have all the features and functions with Kids+ that you’ve always had with FreeTime, and then some.

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