Educational and entertaining YouTube Channels your kids will love

Here’s a list of YouTube Channels you can feel good about letting your kids watch. Buy yourself some guilt-free time and sanity, parents!

Because guess what? It took me all of three hours this morning to discover we could not possibly follow that neatly-organized, color-coded Covid-19 daily schedule that has been making its way around the interwebs. It’s inhuman to think that a person can educate two kids (one of whom who is in preschool and can only identify three letters of the alphabet, and the other who is in first-grade going on 27 and thinks he knows everything (and he pretty much does…), as well as “work at home,” keep up on laundry and feeding and not let the house go to complete hell in a handbasket.

  • Mark Rober – a former NASA engineer does all kinds of fun experiments and builds, and in my humble opinion, he’s easy on the eyes 😉 (I submit for your consideration the photo above)
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga – yoga and mindfulness videos, in a fun way that makes kids not realize what they’re doing
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium – they have lots of cute and informative videos about animals and sea life, as well as live-streaming jellyfish and shark tanks, and penguin habitats
  • Nick Zammeti – a woodturner/carpenter with a huge personality, this guy makes a lot of cool things out of legos, colored pencils, orbeez and other things that will capture kids’ attentions
  • Josh Builds – he conducts fun backyard experiments and he does build some cool, doable stuff like a little insect robot out of a clothespin, a portable speaker, and a simple robot out of an aluminum can. But be warned, he also builds some stuff you might not want your kids to know how to build, like a flaming slingshot…

  • Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden – apparently, like everything else, the zoo is closed until furtner notice, and in the meantime they are offering a Facebook Live event every day at 3 p.m., featuring an animal and an activity kids can do at home.
  • Art for Kids Hub – this family shares art and drawing lessons and posts a new video almost every day. The lessons are simple and you only need a few supplies (like markers and paper) you probably already have at home.
  • Homeschool Pop – tons of videos on all kinds of educational topics, like holidays, animals, astronomy, grammar, history, poetry, weather, languages, and more. The videos range from short five-minute lessons, to longer an hour-plus.

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